Warranty and returns

Warranty and return rights


Goods sold by www.vmarine.lt is given different warranty period.
www.vmarine.lt provides quality warranty shall not limit or restrict the rights of consumers, which purchasing bad quality product or service. They are determined by legislation.
Changing the product or its part in the prescribed warranty period, remains valid the same guarantees pass for a new product or a new part.
Guarantee period shall not be extended further.
Tires are guaranteed for 2 years on factory defects.
Real factory defects usually appears a tire is fitted to or during the first weeks of operation.
The warranty is valid if the tire is worn not more than 30% of their tread depth. There is no guarantee given for tire mileage because depending on driving style, the same tire can become damaged or frayed after 5000 km or after 40000km.
Chargers of battery and accessories
Based on the recommendations of the manufacturers of battery chargers, measuring devices, and accessories are given 12-60 months warranty.

Batteries are given different warranty period. It depends on the operating conditions of the battery and the vehicle destination, where it will be used.
More information about the battery warranty conditions here:

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“Vmarine” undertakes to replace the defective product with a similar product or it repaired for free. Buyer receives back the money paid for the goods, in the case when “Vmarine” hasn’t similar goods to change and it could not be repaired. Goods returned for warranty malfunction or of defects are replaced or returned by “Vmarine” funds.

The buyer has the right to refuse the sale – purchase agreement entered into online shope with JSC “VMARINE”, before notice to the seller by e-mail (it is necessary to specify the desired return of the product and its order number) not later than 14 (fourteen) days from the date of delivery, except when contract has been concluded for:
 – audio-visual works and phonograms in any video or audio media, computer programs delivery and the Buyer damage packages protections;
 – books, newspapers, magazines or other periodicals supplies;
 – cosmetics and perfumery, hygiene supplies;
 – entertainment and gift certificates, lottery tickets.
Suitable quality possible return of goods only is possible only in accordance with 2014. July 22 Government of the Republic of Lithuania Resolution No. 738 “On the Government of the Republic of Lithuania in 2001″ June 11 Resolution No. 697 “Regarding the Approval of Rules for the Repayment and Amendment of Items“. (lithuanian version).
In order to return goods must comply with the following conditions:
 – the returned goods must be in original packaging and tidy;
 – the goods must be unused, damaged by the Buyer;
 – the goods must be of merchantable quality (labels intact, with protective film and etc.) (This paragraph shall not apply in the case of a defective product returned. In this case is used the warranty rules);
 – the returned goods must be of the same completion as it was received by the Buyer;
 – returning the goods necessary to provide its acquisition of a document and warranty card (if it was issued);
 – goods can be returned to our office – Moletu  road 47F, VILNIUS – the Buyer is responsible for the safe return of goods;
 – the buyer has the direct cost of returning the goods;
 – the money for the quality goods is returned within 14 (fourteen) days after the information about the request to return presentation (the goods must be returned to the seller).
 – the Buyer can to refuse the goods by sending information about the refusal by e-mail info@vmarine.lt, if goods ordered not yet been sent. In this case, all the money, if they were paid shall be returned within 3 (three) working days of their receipt
 – returning the goods must be presented “Return request”, which can be downloaded here.

Goods purchased by special order will not be accepted back and non-refundable!!!

Engine Orders

Pre-ordered engines are subject to deposit payment, agreed in writing or verbal, followed by payment. In case engine LT is longer than 60 days from order, free of charge cancelation can apply within 30 days from order, if submitter in writing. Cancelation after 30 days from order is subject to loss of deposit value. In case the deposit was not paid, the buyer is liable for all associated sellers exposure, related to mentioned engine order, the value not less than 20% from order

Cancelation after engine delivery is subject to 50% order cancelation fee.

The engine must be returned to manufacturers representative workshop in EU for test run and evaluation. The returned engine is subject to Full outright charge, in case the engine was tampered. The Buyer is liable for complete cost of engine delivery and return process, including and not limited to engine preparation for buyers specifications, shipping to Buyer from the factory and return to the Seller, engine examination and test run, new release to service and loss of value.

Non payment for the ordered engine in 14 days from delivery is violation of payment terms, the clause of engine order cancelation after delivery applies

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