After long waiting Vmarine is in its final stage to move to the new office in Vilnius. Our goal is the fully functional office by the end of the summer 2023.

Office space will offer nice and cozy environment for the meetings, relaxation, discussion about your boating trips and plans for the new dreams and horizons.

Located at Vilnius city center, fast arrival from the airport or any part of the city, car parking space for your comfort, including car charge.

Professional team will help you  purify your ideas about recreational boating and will offer solutions to make your dream come true.

Would it be a day boat, weekender or round the globe trawler, repowering project for your older boat or equipment change, our team of experts will offer best personal solutions.

See You soon in our new office!

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Why LifePO4?

Technology going FWD and comparing with conventional batteries the Li-ion LiFePO4 opens completely new horizons in energy storage and usability for mobile vehicles – faster charge/discharge cycles, higher safe usable energy qty (up to 80% DOD), while comparing to conventional AGM safe 35% DOD or up to 55% DOD for specialized deep cycle. Assuming you don’t exceed 80% “DOD”, Li-ion LiFePO4 will serve you up to 4000 cycles. Indicated cycles are not the limit, it is the number where Li-ion LiFePO4 still has 80% of it’s initial capacity. If you use up to 50% of DOD, you double the cycles.

Li-ion V-battery production for our shop

What can be powered by Li-ion?

the market standard 12V & 100 Ah Li-ion LiFePO4, the weight of only 12 Kg, can easily deliver 80% i.e. 80Ah of capacity without any harm to long life. That equals to 12V / 150 Ah and 45kg-48kg weight deep cycle AGM, that delivers 55% of it’s capacity. The myth is the AGM can deliver 100% capacity and not damage the lifetime and performance, where declarative cycle count is up to 400 cycles. We don’t think it is achievable in real life. We made a test by killing 6 EA AGM batteries (known maker) 130Ah and 160 Ah. The Battery managed to take the hit of only 10 cycles of 35% DOD. The cost of experiment was 2k+ euro and we have ground to stand for our words. Experiment attendees were twin 2x 160Ah, and 2x 130 Ah AGM batteries separately, they provided power to 2500W Mastervolt pure sin wave inverter, that was feeding electric grill of 230V / 2.1 kW power. The system had support of Cummins 12V / 80A generator all the time. AGM cannot do the job the Li-ion LiFePO4 can.

What is being untold by AGM resellers?

We call it like “small letters on the other side of instruction”, that nobody reads. Majority of buyers are pleased by declarative sellers wording the battery is of known brand, known maker and all should be good. However, what is it all about? – that secret is where AGM and other led acid batteries demonstrate less capacity than declared, when the battery of say 100 Ah capacity is being loaded and power consumed faster than in 20 h. Why 20h? – it is the standard time all conventional battery makers measure battery capacity Ah at +20 C . What will happen if we consume our stored battery capacity faster? say electric anchor consuming 15A – you don’t have 100 Ah energy capacity, you have up to 35% less, if your consumption duration is 5h and 50% less if you consume in under 3h! That is the basics of chemistry of conventional AGM/GEL batteries, that is not delivered to the buyer. Low temperatures is another killing factor, and the user is easily mistaken, seeing declarative figures of AGM, where 100 Ah is available with condition 20h, at 20C ambient. On other hand if power consumed is not significant, say 1A, 100Ah GEL/AGM battery will deliver up to +20% of declared capacity. Again, it is chemistry performance. Li-ion LiFePO4 batteries has no capacity “Ah” fluctuation, dependent on power consumed.

Our production

Li-ion V-battery production

Our Li-ion battery selection we sell: 12V/24Ah; 12V/36Ah; 12V/54Ah; 12V100Ah; 12V150Ah; 12V/150Ah (BMS 200A / 450A 3s), and 24V/150Ah.

Monitor your power

100 Ah 12V/24V and higher capacity batteries has Bluetooth BMS as standard, to monitor your battery parameters and control your charge/discharge:


How does Li-ion starter battery works?

We requested a specific #V12150T to be manufactured, according our spec’s and it worked. We replaced dead AGM 75 Ah theoretical, 50Ah pactical , but dead anyway, to Li-ion 150Ah with 200A continuous 30 min, and 450A peak 3sec. Watch the result in Video

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Mūsų profesionali komanda, turinti ilgametės paritries laivų konstrukcijose, navigacijoje jūrose, naujų bei naudotų laivų pirkime siūlo surasti, parinkti pagal pirkėjo poreikius laivą, techniškai įvertinti bei paruošti pirkimo-pardavimo sutartį.

Būdami jūrinių dyzelinių variklių atstovais, mes puikiai išmanome laivo variklių ir komponentų subtilybes, atliksime laiko patikrinimą arba konsultuosime. Mes susiduriame su daugybe pirkimų, kada rasti trūkumai buvo naujiena tiek pirkėjui, tiek pardavėjui, arba buvo rasti paslėpti korpuso ar transmisijos defektai.

Visos paminėtos aplinkybės įtakoja perkamo Laivo vertę, naujojo savininko kaštus ir saugumą jūroje.

Mes padėsime įgivendinti jūs svajonę.

Mūsų surasti, techniškai patikrinti ir parplukdyti laivai – Grandezza 40. Puikus laivas ir neturėjęs nei vieno techninio defekto per 3 sezonus.


Scanstrut is an international leader in the design and manufacture of outdoor and marine equipment.

Products enable and enhance the use of commercial, navigation and personal electronics in the outdoors.

Every innovation by is originated and delivered from concept to production entirely by an in-house design and engineering team.

Products are used on power boats, yachts, off-road vehicles, RVs;

Scanstrut – Marine

Radar towers

The international market leader in the design and manufacture of installation solutions for marine electronics. We have been creating innovative products that withstand the harshest of elements since 1986. Our expertise has been recognized through many global industry awards.

ROKK Mounts

solid as a rock, multi purpose, for all cases in life

We will mount any radar or satcom


Scanpod Range offers maximum choice and versatility for installing all leading brands of instruments and screens

Our products are presented live in our office in Vilnius. Also please check our webshop.


EWOL propellers by Vmarine

Vmarine is introducing Ewoltech variable-pitch propellers. This is fuel cost saving, long trips time saving state of art equipment.

Improves boat speed under sail
Maximizes cruising speed under power
Improves backwards thrust and reduces prop walk
Underwater installation or pulling in 5 minutes
Underwater pitch-setting in 20 seconds

Vibrations free thanks to synchronized
blade alignment and dynamic balancing

High-Grade Stainless Steel construction

Smooth shifting from forward to backward
preserving gear-box integrity

Enclosed Gear Drive for fouling protection
Interchangeable wear bushings
extraction device

Thrust in forward: it is comparable to the thrust of a good, well calculated fix propeller.
Thrust in reverse: it is far superior to any fixed, folding or variable pitch propeller on the market and allows for exceptional directionality and strong thrust backwards from the very first moment thanks to the central pinion gear which forces the blades to the ending point, almost completely eliminating the drift. Drastic reduction in hydrodynamic drag: under sail EWOL allows a gain between 0.5 knots and 1.5 knots of
speed (folding props with 3 or 4 blades have higher drag than EWOL prop)
As an example, a fixed propeller 17 ” / 3 blades 8 knots has a drag of about 45 kg (100 Lbs)
With a folding propeller always 17 ” / 3 blades the drag is approximately 5-10 kg (11-22 Lbs) depending on brand. With an EWOL propeller always 17 ” / 3-blade the drag is about 2.5 kg (5.5 Lbs)
Extremely light and silent in inversions: thanks to the special design and the materials used for the construction, this will avoid stresses at the gearbox, yet the props are mechanically extremely strong Micro-setting of pitch: it is a device allowing fine adjustments to the boat’s performance, this operation can easily be performed underwater in less than 20 seconds. The pitch setting is the finest in the market, 8 to 10 times more precise than other products on the market. Pitch setting precision is a very important topic, as it allows to adjust the cruising speed as desired, enhance maximum speed and reduce fuel consumption. The propeller is made entirely of Stainless Steel Super-Alloys (or for larger models of stainless steel and Titanium) this confers exceptional mechanical resistance and galvanic corrosion resistance. Vibrations are eliminated: a central synchronization pinion coordinates the angle of all the blades
simultaneously, this is very important in order to avoid unwanted and strong vibrations especially in case of fouling, thing that happens unfortunately with some other props on the market. A precise dynamic balancing is also carried out on all our propellers to prevent any possible vibration (unlike some of our competitors that don’t even balance dynamically their props). Version FlexDrive with anti-shock joint to avoid any possible damaging to the Sail-Drive transmissions.
Durable: all bearings are made up of interchangeable bushings that allow easy and accurate maintenance making the propeller always new after many years of operation (only EWOL props have such feature, this
translates into money savings at medium-long term)
Easy installing and pulling: our props are supplied completely assembled, they can be installed or pulled underwater in less than 5 minutes and don’t require any special skills or tool (the hub puller is integrated in the prop)
Quality check 100%: all propellers go through a complete check and break-in at 100% before shipments
Rough surface finish: the standard finishing of the prop is sandblasted, in order to increase adhesion of the antifouling. Should you anyway have a different preference, we can supply the propeller painted with Siliconic antifouling or with polished surface (extra cost applies).
Warranty on fabrication defects: 3-year warranty from purchase date on any fabrication defects
For more information I invite you to view our video tutorial:
Here you will find all the details about the product.

EWOL propellers covers almost all range of sail boats and the boat owners can select from the list


One more thing that could help you to start to live green is to begin walking a bit more.
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