Variable-pitch propellers represented in Lithuania

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EWOL propellers by Vmarine

Vmarine is introducing Ewoltech variable-pitch propellers. This is fuel cost saving, long trips time saving state of art equipment.

Improves boat speed under sail
Maximizes cruising speed under power
Improves backwards thrust and reduces prop walk
Underwater installation or pulling in 5 minutes
Underwater pitch-setting in 20 seconds

Vibrations free thanks to synchronized
blade alignment and dynamic balancing

High-Grade Stainless Steel construction

Smooth shifting from forward to backward
preserving gear-box integrity

Enclosed Gear Drive for fouling protection
Interchangeable wear bushings
extraction device

Thrust in forward: it is comparable to the thrust of a good, well calculated fix propeller.
Thrust in reverse: it is far superior to any fixed, folding or variable pitch propeller on the market and allows for exceptional directionality and strong thrust backwards from the very first moment thanks to the central pinion gear which forces the blades to the ending point, almost completely eliminating the drift. Drastic reduction in hydrodynamic drag: under sail EWOL allows a gain between 0.5 knots and 1.5 knots of
speed (folding props with 3 or 4 blades have higher drag than EWOL prop)
As an example, a fixed propeller 17 ” / 3 blades 8 knots has a drag of about 45 kg (100 Lbs)
With a folding propeller always 17 ” / 3 blades the drag is approximately 5-10 kg (11-22 Lbs) depending on brand. With an EWOL propeller always 17 ” / 3-blade the drag is about 2.5 kg (5.5 Lbs)
Extremely light and silent in inversions: thanks to the special design and the materials used for the construction, this will avoid stresses at the gearbox, yet the props are mechanically extremely strong Micro-setting of pitch: it is a device allowing fine adjustments to the boat’s performance, this operation can easily be performed underwater in less than 20 seconds. The pitch setting is the finest in the market, 8 to 10 times more precise than other products on the market. Pitch setting precision is a very important topic, as it allows to adjust the cruising speed as desired, enhance maximum speed and reduce fuel consumption. The propeller is made entirely of Stainless Steel Super-Alloys (or for larger models of stainless steel and Titanium) this confers exceptional mechanical resistance and galvanic corrosion resistance. Vibrations are eliminated: a central synchronization pinion coordinates the angle of all the blades
simultaneously, this is very important in order to avoid unwanted and strong vibrations especially in case of fouling, thing that happens unfortunately with some other props on the market. A precise dynamic balancing is also carried out on all our propellers to prevent any possible vibration (unlike some of our competitors that don’t even balance dynamically their props). Version FlexDrive with anti-shock joint to avoid any possible damaging to the Sail-Drive transmissions.
Durable: all bearings are made up of interchangeable bushings that allow easy and accurate maintenance making the propeller always new after many years of operation (only EWOL props have such feature, this
translates into money savings at medium-long term)
Easy installing and pulling: our props are supplied completely assembled, they can be installed or pulled underwater in less than 5 minutes and don’t require any special skills or tool (the hub puller is integrated in the prop)
Quality check 100%: all propellers go through a complete check and break-in at 100% before shipments
Rough surface finish: the standard finishing of the prop is sandblasted, in order to increase adhesion of the antifouling. Should you anyway have a different preference, we can supply the propeller painted with Siliconic antifouling or with polished surface (extra cost applies).
Warranty on fabrication defects: 3-year warranty from purchase date on any fabrication defects
For more information I invite you to view our video tutorial:
Here you will find all the details about the product.

EWOL propellers covers almost all range of sail boats and the boat owners can select from the list