#Mercury Bravo2 Drive -1.81 DSL and Transom ASSY

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Bravo Two®

Handle The Biggest With The Best

Gear 1.81

Why Mercury better Volvo Penta


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Bravo Two®

With a longer-length design and large-diameter shaft, Bravo Two® and Bravo Two X® accommodate up to 20-inch propellers.

High thrust at low speeds. Quick planing. Improved fuel economy. Everything you need to get going – and get going fast.

No matter how big the load. For twin applications up to 55 mph, gas engines up to 450hp and diesel engines up to 370hp.

Bravo Two, Bravo Two X, for gas stendrives; Bravo Two X Diesel and Bravo Two XR® Diesel for Yanmar 4LV diesel engines.

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